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Our History

Jaybees was started in 1980 by John and Sherry Baker in what was his dad's convenience store.  That quickly became too small and, by 1982, they moved to their current location across the street,  where they've grown and thrived into a booming business in the drive thru and inside the restaurant.


John and Sherry worked together from the start to make this business the success it is today.  All of their children also have worked in the restaurant at one point to help continue its success. 


Jaybee's has been singled out by many newspapers and magazines throughout the country.  They've been featured in Gourmet Magazine, Roadfoods, the Charlotte Observer, and more as one of the greatest places to eat. 


Jaybee's makes their own slaw and cuts the onions fresh every day. The chili is made daily from a recipe passed down from John's dad back in 1980. The hot dogs are a special Jaybee's recipe and only uses prime cuts of meat - NO FILLERS.

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